You must fight and make choices to keep yourself and allies alive.

The main protagonists name is Theon Dokorahn, this is who the player will play as during the game. He starts the story as a young wimpy boy, who is oblivious to the dangers of the world around him. However through the trials and tribulations of the story, Theon becomes the strong independent leader his life was always set to be. Throughout the story the player will meet a few different personalities along the way, the main characters are his mother (Valinna Dokorahn), the commander of the "Main Cities" army and your friends from training camp (Bjerg and Skulvar). The world the interactive story is set in was based on the a world similar to the world of Lord of the Rings trilogy. Where huge, major cities were surrounded by vast farmlands and the weapons the soldiers used were very old school e.g. swords and shields. The reason we went for this type of game world was because the group believed that the story would fit this type of world more due to examples from real blockbuster movies and television shows.

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